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Coolnaira networking

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​Coolnaira is a People-Helping-People Online Referral Network.

You participate with at least minimum of ₦1,000, then introduce people to participate under you using your referral link or username with the same amount and earn 50% commission from their payment. You will get your payment back in no time + huge profit in the long run.

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With just #1000 naira investment, you can start earning few bucks into your bank account, 100% genuine and guarantee. I have personally confirmed it and its working.

Can you afford #1000 ?

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Who Can Participate?
Coolnaira is an equal opportunity open for Students, Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers, House wives or anyone who wish to earn money online. Take advantage of your Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp phone contacts, and stop wasting your precious time online.

Is This Genuine
Coolnaira is made by Nigerians and for Nigerians. You earn a commission and get paid to your bank account. 100% guarantee.
NO Hype, NO Scam. The people behind this system are Humanitarians.

We believe in LAW of KARMA.

How Does It Work?

The idea on is very simple. Every member earns from each members payment, it’s cut and divide. When you join now, upgrade to pro member by paying minimum of ₦1,000 which will be shared by your sponsor upliners. Introduce at least 1 person who pay the same amount under you and get your money back as you earn 50% + ₦500 sign up bonus. Now start introducing more people to participate while earn profit. The more people who later join the network through your referral link or username, the more 50% you earn.

It will be nice if you take action first and let your followers do the same.

NOTE: earn only 10% commission of your payment for server and system maintenance.

Let me explain

When you pay #1000 upgrading fee to premium, or any other package, your direct referral (who referred you) earn 50% = #500 from your payment.

40% out of your payment is shared by 8 making 5% = #50 to your upliners (indirect referrals).

Take for instance you are in 10th level of a member’s downline which you may not know. When you pay to upgrade, your direct referral in level 9 earned 50%… All indirect referrals from level 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 earned 5% of your payment.

The remaining 10% is for coolnaira server and website maintenance… The 10% is not even enough… This is why we have partners and sponsors who placed ads on the website. This is what you can do too, if there is anyway u can sponsor or partner with us please let us know.

What Is The Requirement?
Any mobile phone or computer with internet connection is okay. A valid e-mail address and Facebook account with at least 50-100 friends. Bank account where we can send your payment every Fridays. ₦1,000 or more investment for lifetime upgrading fee.

Can you afford #1000 ?

I introduce to you a wonderful fast growing platform…
“CoolNaira Referral Network”
If you are interested in this lucrative business , please follow this 10 steps:

1. Visit this will redirect to the permanent secured site.

2. Click register,

3. You will be asked to enter a valid sponsor username which is me who is introducing you. Note this is applicable to you as well when you have become a member.

4. Type (yourusername- the one u login with)

5. Click join Now

6. Fill the registration form properly. You will be given #500 sign up bonus.

7. Once you have registered successfully, login to your dashboard with your chosen username and password

8. Read instructions on your dashboard to know more.

9. You should see “click here to upgrade your account” to find details on how to make your own payment of #1000 too

10. Once you have paid, your account will be upgraded to pro member and i will earn 50% commission from your payment.
Now introduce at least 1 person to follow the step 1-10, don’t forget, the person you introduce have to use your own username this time.

Once the person successfully upgrade to pro member, you will also earn 50% = #500 from his or her payment. This means the 50% you earn + the #500 bonus given to you after registration will give you back your #1000 naira upgrading fee.

Can you afford #1000 ?
The more people you later introduce earns you profit. For more details and question, please read how it works on the website or feel free to whatsapp me while i guide you on how to go about it via this whatsapp group link

This video will also help you a lot, please follow this link


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