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Ewa Agoyin Sauce Recipe

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Ewa Agoyin sauce is a spicy sauce used as a topping for the popular west African
cooked and mashed beans,known as Ewa Agoyin.

This sauce can also be used to serve boiled rice, fried yams, potatoes and plantains.

Here’s the recipe.
For the Ewa Agoyin sauce:
*4 habanero peppers
*1 large bell pepper
*2 roma tomatoes(fresh tomatoes)
*1 cup palm oil
*2 onion bulbs (chopped)
*1 tablespoonful ground crayfish
*1tsp salt
*1 stock cube(maggi, knorr)

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Preparation of Ewa Agoyin Stew / sauce
*Coarsely Blend the tomatoes , peppers and one onion bulb…place in a pot and dry
out the liquid in careful not to burn it.
*In a separate pot, pour the palm oil, heat it up on medium heat until it changes from
its natural red color to golden…it should look more like vegetable oil now.
*Now add chopped onions, and fry until the onions caramelizes..that is , when the onion
turns brown or black..but not burnt.This usually takes some time. Then add some
crayfish and fry a bit.
* Add the parboiled tomatoes and pepper mixture to the oil, and fry. Stir continuously
until the onions is no longer visible and the sauce begins to darken a bit.
*Now add the stock cubes and salt to taste, mix well…cover and leave to simmer for 5
minutes… put of the heat and your sauce is read to be placed on the beans.
Place on cooked beans, yams, potatoes and Rice.




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